Gold Coast has defeated Collingwood by 12 points at Victoria Park.

The Suns were accurate in front of goal, kicking 5.3 (33) to the Pies' 2.9 (21) as Gold Coast’s Jamie Stanton kicked three crucial goals for the visitors. 

Claudia Whitfort (19 disposals, seven clearances, six inside 50s) continued her strong season in the midfield, while Charlie Rowbottom (18 disposals, six tackles) was caught in an enthralling battle with Collingwood midfielder Aishling Sheridan (13 disposals, two clearances) all afternoon. 

Collingwood took a leaf out of Carlton's book and worked exceptionally hard to pressure the Suns' attempts to exit defence. It forced the visitors into poor disposal on the rebound and, as a result, repeat entries for the Pies. 

Unfortunately for the Pies it didn't result in scoreboard pressure in the first half, converting one goal from seven scores.

When the Suns went inside 50, they looked especially dangerous thanks to the marking power of Jac Dupuy and Tara Bohanna, with the likes of Stanton and former Pie Jordan Membrey at their feet.  

Late in the game as Collingwood was threatening to snatch the lead, Dupuy was thrown behind the ball to be an extra contested marking presence, taking some crucial late marks to save the game. 

Sarah Rowe (18 disposals, 304 metres gained) worked exceptionally hard to break lines and give her side best chance when going forward, while Lauren Brazzale had an impact on the wing early with 10 disposals in the first half.

Off the back of six goals last week, Jamie Stanton brought the scoreboard pressure again slotting three goals to take her season tally to 10. Prior to this year Stanton had never kicked more than three goals in a season, but now stationed in the forward line full time and working at the feet of talls Jac Dupuy and Tara Bohanna, she is relishing a new lease on life. 

Collingwood will head to Moorabbin to take on a winless St Kilda, while Gold Coast will return home to host another winless side in the Western Bulldogs.

COLLINGWOOD          1.3    1.6    2.8   2.9 (21) 
GOLD COAST               0.2    2.2    3.2   5.3 (33)

 Davey, Brazill 
Gold Coast: Stanton 3, Dupuy, Membrey 

Crowd: 2,537 at Victoria Park