The Collingwood Football Club is pleased to announce the unveiling of the Barrawarn Room at the AIA Vitality Centre.

Located in the Club’s newly redeveloped Visitor Centre area, the Barrawarn Room is a dedicated safe cultural space for First Nations people at Collingwood and was created as part of the Club’s ongoing and absolute commitment to supporting First Nations players and staff and their families both on and off the field.

In addition to providing a safe space, the Barrawarn Room acknowledges and celebrates the Club’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander players – past and present – who have debuted in the VFL/AFL or AFLW competitions through a Journey Walk.

A digital map is also featured in the space, highlighting the traditional lands of our First Nations people along with a display of significant pieces of First Nations artwork connected to our Club.

“The Club’s Barrawarn Room is a welcomed development for the Club,” Collingwood President Jeff Browne said.

“The creation of this safe meeting space came about after deep listening and learning and ensures our Club continues its ongoing commitment to progressing our environment.

“We will continue to listen to our players, staff and their families as we strive to do better to make our Club a safe place for all First Nations people now and into the future.”

Collingwood champion Leon Davis said he was pleased to see the Club create an environment such as the Barrawarn Room.

“This is a great example of Collingwood listening to First Nations people and acting,” Davis said.

“The Barrawarn Room is a result of the work of so many people over a number of years and I want to acknowledge each of those community members for the input they had and for their role in shaping our Club.

“The space is a safe environment where we can come together to meet, yarn, reflect and celebrate our history and contributions to Australian Football.

“While the Barrawarn Room is mainly for our First Nations people, we will hold Cultural Education sessions for players, staff and key stakeholders in that space too.”