With a crowd of 400+ people and Collingwood President Eddie McGuire watching on, this game was going to be a cracker, the Pies and the Tigers very even in their match-ups.

Both teams ready to roll, the Pies got the first major on the board, but the Tigers came back with three quick goals. At the first change the Richmond led 4.1.25 to Collingwood 2.0.12.

The Pies regrouped in the second term, getting control of the ball and slowing it down to play their brand. Collingwood made Richmond pay on the scoreboard with turn overs, getting three goals and keeping the Tigers goalless for the term. At the half time break, the Pies lead by seven points.

The third quarter was hard on all players, everyone going at it hard. Collingwood made some costly mistakes, giving Richmond some easy play on the ball. The Tigers kept the Pies goalless for the third, getting two majors and grabbing the lead at the final change. 

This was anyone’s game, with only a goal in it to start the last quarter. Trying to stop Richmond’s forwards was difficult. Richmond’s Chris Henderson, with his height, was hard to match for the Collingwood. The Tigers worked well to get their forward free, with Naidu hard to contain with his speed.

Both teams went at the ball hard, with the Tigers having the slight edge over the Pies. It was down to the last couple of minutes before you could call a winner, The Pies scored two goals in the last, but the Tigers were too good, getting three majors.

Richmond won the 2019 Premiership by 14 points.

Captain/coach Brendan Stroud said, “What an amazing game, not just for the players but for the crowd. Two teams going hard at it, and was up for grabs still in the dying minutes. I couldn’t be prouder of my team. No one expected us to be there today, but we all worked hard as a team, believed in ourselves and as a team, we knew we could match up with every team.

“We had a lot of rookies who proved to themselves how good they are, everyone in the team has improved so much from when we first started this year through the hard training sessions and playing in the social games and main games. This team so great to be a part of, this club so amazing to be a part of. To get into any Grand Final is a feat in itself, with all the teams being so much closer than last year.

“It’s been awesome to see it grow, and was great to have Eddie come talk to everyone after the game and join in to sing the club song. I can’t wait for season 2020.”


Collingwood      2.0.12     5.4.34     5.5.35     7.5.47

Richmond          4.1.25     4.3.27     6.5.41     9.7.61


Collingwood - Fitzgerald 4, Newman 3

Richmond - Henderson 5, Naidu 4