Clubs are not expecting the AFL to make an announcement on a potential return date until later this week, according to Collingwood president Eddie McGuire.

A number of states across the country announced plans to ease COVID-19 isolation restrictions over the weekend in the wake of Friday's national cabinet meeting, leading to speculation that confirmation of an AFL resumption date could be imminent.

However, with Victorian premier Dan Andrews not due to confirm his own state's plans until Monday – and with the League still in discussions with every state body in the aftermath of Friday's meeting – a decision is unlikely to be made public on Monday.

"It won't happen today," McGuire told radio station Triple M.

"My understanding is that the AFL is going to get all the information from all the states … then distil it all down.

"There's an AFL Commission meeting today, there are probably various meetings this afternoon with the various committees that need to happen and then in the next day or two the AFL will be able to come out and say, 'this is what we're doing'.

"So we can get past all these headlines about which day … we will know by Wednesday, probably by Tuesday, but we will know what's going on then."

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