He’s played alongside the likes of Nathan Buckley, Paul Licuria and Dane Swan, but Scott Pendlebury is living through a Collingwood midfield resurgence in 2018.

Although it hasn’t received the credit of midfield groups gone by, there is an argument to be made that this year’s crop of on-ballers is performing better than other cohorts in recent years.

The case was made by co-host and Herald Sun football writer Jay Clark on the most recent episode of Collingwood Media podcast ‘Jock and Journo’.

Clark argued the Magpies midfield is “in its best shape right now than it has been for a few years” before pointing out the career-best form from players such as Adam Treloar, Steele Sidebottom, Brodie Grundy and Tom Phillips.

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Pendlebury agreed, stating while individual talent levels had been highly regarded in years gone by, few midfields had the cohesion of the current group.

“The difference this year is our ability to work as a group to maximise each other’s strengths,” the Collingwood captain said.

“We’ve got the balance right. And that’s the beauty of time.

“I think our midfield group is working the best it’s worked in a while.”


  1. Adam Treloar - 31.88 per game (career high)
  2. Steele Sidebottom - 30.75 per game (career high)
  3. Scott Pendlebury - 26.14 per game
  4. Tom Phillips - 25.63 per game (career high)
  5. Taylor Adams - 22.20 per game
  6. Jack Crisp – 22.13 per game (career high)
  7. Brodie Grundy - 21.38 per game (career high)
  8. Josh Thomas - 18.13 per game
  9. Jordan De Goey - 17.80 per game

The discussion surrounding Collingwood’s midfield was just one interesting topic in episode five of ‘Jock and Journo’ in 2018.

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  • Update on the ankle (1:05),
  • Is our midfield in career-best form? (3:00),
  • Banter with the umpires (7:15),
  • West Coast’s rapid rise (12:20),
  • Pendles’ biggest challenges (15:45),
  • GWS’ chemistry issues (17:00),
  • Blaming losses on injuries? (22:35),
  • Why free agency talk is taboo (25:00),
  • Does Jordan De Goey owe the club? (27:30),
  • The Judd-cave vs Pendles-cave (32:05),
  • Alan Richardson backing his Saints (35:20) and more.