Comeback kings

"At three quarter time there were a lot of smiles on faces... there's a lot of trust built in those moments (close finishes)."

"I was really proud of the group's last four or five minutes.

"We just went into autopilot, the group is so connected.

"We are trying to be in tune with each other and that was the best execution of that we've seen.

"We were really proud the group displayed how we want to play, particularly in the second half."

Run to finals

"We can't get too far ahead of ourselves - when you look at the stats sheet, there's a lot of red in it."

"There's too much to work on.

"We came here tonight knowing there's a lot at stake, time is running out for everyone."

Ducks and dinner

"I really like personality in the game."

"(On writing Langdon's comment on the whiteboard in the change rooms) I was having a bit of fun myself because I'm a bit of a one trick pony before the game.

"I'd encourage every club to have more of that (personality)."

Unwavering belief

"My belief hasn't wavered because I have a lot of trust in this group."

"Beau McCreery is a great example, he comes in at half time and hasn't had a touch.

"In the last quarter, the last five minutes, he had more pressure points than half our team.

"We are in discovery mode and that's exciting, we're finding out where we're at as individuals and as a group."

Second half adjustments

"We moved the ball differently."

"We wanted the game to be fast and furious.

"I showed some clips at half time around our inability to get out of defensive 50.

"Gawn was having a big influence so we tried to change a couple of things."

Coaches' MVP

"It was Jordan De Goey's best game for the year, I thought he was a star."

"Around clearances he was just able to get out of traffic.

"I'd love Jordy to stay - he makes us better."