Collingwood has unveiled its 2020 Indigenous guernsey for Sir Doug Nicholls Round.

This year’s guernsey, which highlights the Yorta Yorta culture, was designed by Ross Morgan Senior and his sons.

The story behind the design comes from the the Cummeragunja Walk Off, which was a protest by Aboriginal people at Cummeragunja Station. It is remembered as an act of strength and resilience.

See below for a biography of the guernsey by Morgan Senior. 

YORTA YORTA -- Artists  

Ross Morgan Jnr, Wayne Morgan and Ross Morgon Snr 

 All well-known Aboriginal artists who grew up on their traditional country in The Shepparton, Mooroopna area. They have been involved in their cultural storytelling, music and art for the last 30 years. Hand prints of Emilio Hudson don the back of the guernsey.

Traditionally their ancestors, parents, grand parents and great grandparents where a part of The Maloga Mission and at a later time moved to the Cummeragunja Mission NSW, both near Barmah Town and 42 kilometres from Echuca & Moama. 

There is a very strong Cultural connection to country for all Morgan Family members as well as the other 15 Family groups that make up Yorta Yorta Nations. 


The paintings story comes from one very special event which we believe to be the first Aboriginal protest against unfair and inhuman treatment to our people by the then mission manager.

The Cummeragunja Walk-off is remembered as well as the journey, strength and resilience of our ancestors and now Elders.

Their SPIRIT will always be the strength in all our further endeavours moving forward.

 Ross Morgan Senior.