Collingwood CEO Mark Anderson has addressed the frustration the Magpies members and supporters are feeling after the AFL Trade Period concluded on Thursday evening.

Speaking to Sportsday hosts Sam McClure and Matt Granland, Anderson noted there were a number of elements that came into play for the course of action taken by the Pies list management committee.  

“Trade periods in any year are really difficult… so this year was no different. It was a tough week for everybody, no doubt.

“I think one of the things we did over the trade period rightly or wrongly was to not comment as the process unfolded, and that was out of respect for those involved.

“Whether that’s the right thing or wrong thing, history will be the judge.”

After departing the 2020 AFL finals series with a devastating loss to Geelong, Anderson said it was evident there were areas the club needed to improve on to play more of a role deep into the finals. 

“The key is that this is part of a strategy, this is not something that just emerged in the last couple of days of a trade week.

“We do understand we need to get better, we are striving for continuous improvement.”