Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard has praised the condition of Tom Wilson, Chris Mayne and Jordan De Goey since returning from the Christmas break.

After one session in groups of ten due to covid-19 restrictions, Tuesday's main training session was the first opportunity players had as a full group, which included match simulation quarters.

"Big Tommy Wilson is a really big standout at the moment, Chris Mayne also. Chris Mayne has stayed away in Perth and put on some size," Maynard said.

Former basketballer, Tom Wilson will push to play his first senior game in 2021 [Photo: Collingwood FC]

"Jordy has always come back in pretty questionable nick, he's come back in really good nick so it's good to see him dominating early on in the pre-season."

Jordan De Goey in action at training on Tuesday at the Holden Centre [Photo: Collingwood FC]

A much-loved character around the club, the 24-year-old is enjoying the football normality since returning to the club.

"It was good fun. It's good to be back out there and getting some routine, some k's under the legs," Maynard said.

"I'm really happy to be back because personally I do struggle with routine in the off-season, so being back out there with the full group doing some match simulation was good.

"Good to be tackling and running around and mucking around with the boys."

Brayden Maynard in action at training on Tuesday at the Holden Centre [Photo: Collingwood FC]

Magpies fans voted in the 24-year-old for an interview post-training and a number have had their Twitter questions answered. See below.

@RV_27 How is Simmo (dog) going? 
- “Simmo is going really well. He just turned six on New Year’s Eve... Still cute as ever.”

@JessCarroll2002 Thoughts on the new Nike partnership?
- “I’ve always been in love with Nike, always been a Nike man. To get them on board it’s really good for the club, their apparel is something that everyone loves. I’m stoked to be with Nike.

@Cathyk23 Position preference on the field?

- “I love playing in the backline. I love to sneak up forward and kick a few goals, but I’ve always wanted to be around the ball and around the contest, so I’d love to play midfield.

@Ben12Hicks Favourite gym pump-up song?
- “50 Cent: 21 questions”

@vicsdoitbetter Funniest teammate?
- “I mean, Crispy can be pretty funny. Everyone has got a bit of a funny side to them bar Jordy, he’s not that funny at all. Everyone’s really funny. If I had to pick one it would probably be Crispy.”

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Interview: Brayden Maynard

Hear from defender Brayden Maynard after two big days of training at the Holden Centre.

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