Moore likely to return

"He trained really well and we're confident he'll play - we will name him tonight (Thursday)."

"We thought he was a chance last week and he didn't quite get to the line.

"He has a smile on his face today and he looks ready to go."

On SP350

"He's quite remarkable, he's going to be the 20th player of all time to reach the 350 game milestone."

"Hopefully we put on a performance that does it justice and honours him as much as the jumper.

"We don't really want to make it about one person, but if we prepare as well as Pendles does we will be well suited.

"His preparation is like no one else I've seen - he is so meticulous.

"As a senior coach, his leadership on and off the field is remarkable."

On centre bounces

"We are not good at centre bounces."

"We are dissecting it, looking at other people to go through there... we want to try a few different things and make sure others are ready so we're not stuck with the same combinations.

"Whether it's Maynard or McCreery, we want to make sure the guys know what they are doing when they go in there.

"It is a part of our game we want to get better at.

"Fin Macrae is one that has put his name up week after week and he will be considered this week for sure."

On Noble family

"I reached out to David - this is a tough industry and this is a hot seat.

"I really feel for him, he was employed to do a job and he didn't get to see it through.

"I did put  my arms around John early in the week, I've been checking in to make sure he's ok."

On Ginnivan

"I'm really conscious of the fact that he's a 19-year-old kid who has gone from zero to 100 in terms of popularity and fame."

"We want to protect him from that and at times he needs to protect himself too.

"We are making sure we have this 19-year-old man grow up to be the player we want him to be.

"There's lessons to learn along the way for him and for us."

Buddy in black and white

"I've admired him for so long, I'll leave that to Graham Wright."

"If he wants to come here, we'll have him."

On the Crows

"Their pressure is elite - they are one of the best pressure teams in the comp."

"Adelaide Oval is a different ground and they force teams down the line a lot more.

"We are looking to go over there and celebrate Pendles' milestone and play the best footy we have so far this year."

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