An outstanding graduate of the Magpies Sport and Business Program in 2021, William received the 2022 Buckley Scholarship from the legendary former Collingwood player and coach today.

The annual scholarship offers a 35-week part-time contract with Collingwood to a young person working towards a career in elite sport.

As a graduate of the Magpies Sport and Business Program run in conjunction with SEDA, William will further his education in, and understanding of, the various facets of sports business and high performance.

The Buckley scholarship has been structured to also allow recipients to complete further study during their time with Collingwood.

Buckley served Collingwood with distinction as a player and coach for over a quarter of a century and for a generation of fans epitomised the notion of sporting excellence.

The scholarship was created to honour his achievements through a legacy that creates opportunities for and develops young people passionate about sport and Australian football, in particular.

“When the club asked if I would accept my name being used in a scholarship award to encourage new and diverse talent into the same environment I was absolutely stoked,” Buckley said.

“Football clubs are great places to work and provide an environment that is conducive to daily personal and professional growth. I’ve loved it for 30 years of my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for my experiences in football, particularly at Collingwood, and the way it has shaped me as a person.

“To know that this same opportunity will come to others through this scholarship is something I am immensely proud of.

“William is the first of many through this award that will get their foot in the doors of the Collingwood Football Club. A club that rewards investment and commitment to the team as much as it does the willingness of each individual to learn, improve and grow everyday through their experiences. William has embarked on a great journey and the club will help him shape his future in whatever manner he wishes.”

Reid, 19, said it has been his ambition for many years to work in the AFL industry, preferably at club level.

“I am thrilled. The scholarship is an opportunity for me to chase my dream,” Reid said.

“I want to thank Nathan and Collingwood for their support and encouragement and I hope, that in time, I can do the same for others.”