A petition calling for an EGM is yet to be lodged with Collingwood. Should a petition be lodged, the club will stand by its previous offer, made to David Hatley, to independently verify the signatures to the petition and to establish the voting rights of petitioners according to the club’s articles of association.

Smears, such as from Francis Galbally this evening, are an attempt to bully Jeff Browne on to the Collingwood board and hand him the presidency that he and his supporters believe is an entitlement. This could not be further from the democratic process the members are asking for. In any event, the board has already chosen to bring forward the 2021 annual general meeting to December of this year when three board positions will be up for election. We encourage all interested members, including Jeff Browne, to contest this election.”  

In the meantime, in the interests of our athletes, staff and members Collingwood will continue to move forward.